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EST. | 2019

153-155 HallGate


East Yorkshire

Tel 01482 846613

Fine wines, Gins, Guest ales, Cider imports, Premium lagers

Grills, Fish, Pastas & Tapas


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Cassiel Bar & Kitchen

Cassiel Bar & Kitchen are a part of The Brookleah Ltd group bringing a quality Cottingham community establishment aim for the community pleasure and hospitality trade. We aim to bring trade to our village and raise our vibrant footprint.

Cassiel brings fine cuisine from pastas, grills and tapas during the daytime and evening as well as catering for the drinkers with regular guest ales, premium lagers, and mix of exotic ciders and of course a good quality gin menu

Who Is Cassiel?

Out of the darkness came light, and from that light were born the archangels, those who would lead the orders of God’s angels; those who would perform the most important tasks in God’s great plan for his greatest creation, mankind.

Brightest of these angels shone Cassiel, Speed of God, Angel of Temperance.

Food and Drinks

We cater for all tastes, from regular guest craft ales, bespoke and fruity ciders, premium lagers, pale ales, and of course Gins, a wide selection of aromatic, dry and fruity gins.

Our food is ranges of grills, pastas, fish and tapas, and a special Sunday dinner menu. 

Please check out our menus in the menu section

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Cassiel's is bringing music to suit all.

Acoustic nights to add to the social atmosphere.

Please enquire for all up coming events.


Please feel free to contact us for inquiries or bookings

Cassiel Bar & Kitchen

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